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Solar PV: The Rooftop Revolution is Here

There is a revolution in our midst. The revolution is helping companies cut their energy costs, with progressively greater returns on investment in the years to come; it is also helping some companies secure their electricity supply and protect themselves against the rising cost of electricity. This revolution is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases […]

Douglas Green Bellingham Solar PV Plant

  DGB commissioned Terra Firma Solutions to design and build a rooftop solar PV solution for their facility in Wellington, South Africa. It was installed across four of its roofs and is the largest solar power project in the local wine industry to date. It is comprised of approximately 2500 solar panels and 32 inverters […]

One of the largest rooftop solar plants in the North

A massive solar PV plant is being erected on the roof of Wonderboom Junction shopping centre and is the first of its kind to be approved by the Tshwane metro. Construction of one of the largest commercial rooftop solar plants in the country has received the green light from the Tshwane council and will be […]

Does a solar plant make sense for your business?

“How hard can it be? You just put some panels on the roof, get an electrician to hook up the inverter and then connect to your building’s supply. No?” You would be amazed at how many times I have heard this statement from a potential client who has asked me to come and discuss a […]

5 reasons to install rooftop solar PV for your business.

Reduced operational costs Although this depends on the cost of your existing electricity, if you are supplied by a municipality and not Eskom, the chances are very good that the cost of the electricity supplied by a solar PV plant, if not almost the same or cheaper than municipal costs, will be so in the […]

Installing Solar PV? What you need to know

As alluded to in previous articles, implementing solar PV for your business is not a cut and dry process of simply mounting panels on your roof and connecting to your building’s electricity supply. For a broader insight on solar PV you can read; 5 reasons to install rooftop solar PV for your business and Does […]

Catch the Sun!

Using what is natural, healthy and for free should be first aim when we intend to green our life styles. Wind sun and rain water are such resources. These three sustainable assets can be harvested with sometimes small yet clever tricks, at other times with more elaborate and costly measures. But once implemented they all […]

Meet the Solar Expert and Senior Engineer from Terra Firma Solutions

Terra Firma Academy interviewed Josch Thilo about his job as a solar expert and Senior Engineer at Terra Firma Solutions. Tell us about your daily job. I spend a lot of time assessing opportunities of potential Solar-PV systems and explaining to clients what is and what isn’t possible with the current technology. Once a promising project […]

Sunny South Africa: Why do we see so little solar PV installations?

Have you ever wondered why dark and rainy Germany is a global leader in solar PV installations and why we don’t see more solar PV installations in sunny South Africa ? Looking at world-wide statistics, South Africa has one of the best solar resources globally. The Department of Minerals and Energy places South Africa’s annual […]