My Success Story – Fady Elsayed

Fady enrolled in the Academy for our Solar PV Feasibility Assessment course in November 2015, in Cape Town.

How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy?

Through an online search.

What drove you to search for training in the first place?

A need to differentiate myself from my peers.

What was your expectation of the training, and was it met, superseded or not quite what you expected?

The course met my expectations.

Have you done any similar short courses, and if so, how did they compare?

The quality of the course was comparable to other solar courses I participated in. These included courses by Solar Maxx academy both in Cairo & Cape Town and SMA academy in UK.

What is your success story – how did the training help you achieve your goals?

I think the collection of PV training I completed in addition to my postgraduate degree helped me establish my technical and commercial skills in the PV field and showed to my current employer that I am a continuous learner.

Did the training you did come up in your job interview?


Have you managed to use the learning and insight you gained from the training in your job?

I am currently a technical officer in a local utility scale PV development company that is co-developing 150 MW in Benban Solar Park, south of Egypt as part of the Feed in Tariff program in Egypt. Although my core job responsibilities are technical in nature, the feasibility assessment part was extremely helpful in venturing into medium scale projects using the IPP business model and it was also very useful in discussions with our chief investment officer.

Now that you have experienced the benefits of training to ‘get ahead’/find a job, what is your next step in terms of your career?

Expand my knowledge on all fronts, gain further solar PV utility & medium scale exposure.